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Security & Surveillance

Whether you have valuable items in your home that you’d like to protect against theft or burglary, or you merely want to create a sense of safety and security for yourself and your family in your home, a home security or video surveillance system can be highly beneficial. And if you’re looking for home security or surveillance in Raleigh, then Alpha Contracting is the company to call!

home security system

Home Security

A home security system secures entry points, like doors and windows, to discourage break-ins and alert any residents of a threat or break-in.

Alarm Systems

We’ll install sensors in doors and windows and motion sensors in the home and yard that will activate alarms when tripped by unexpected intruders.

home security

video monitoring

Video Surveillance

Installing surveillance cameras throughout your home and yard allows you to keep an eye on your home inside and out while you’re away.

Video Installation

We’ll install both wired and wireless video surveillance cameras to ensure that your home never goes unwatched, whether you’re home or not.

installing security camera

Keep Your Raleigh Home Safe

Whether you’re home or away, protection against break-ins can give you peace of mind, protect your wallet, and even increase your home value when it comes time to sell. Want to know more about home security system installation, or how a security system can help protect your home? Just contact Alpha Contracting today!