Electrician Services:

Audio/Video Installation

Whole House Audio

Electricity is critical to the comfort of your home. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t just need electrical gadgets to get by; you also need the tools surrounding you to properly use and enjoy them. Home and business owners in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas should turn to the electrical pros at Alpha Contracting to ensure that your home is electrically equipped to handle the demands of the 21st century.

Have you ever heard the blissful sounds of music throughout your entire house, or maybe the dynamic explosive action of a movie in surround sound? If not, Alpha Contracting can help! Our trained technicians specialize in whole house audio using only the best techniques to equip your house or office with proper audio placement and installation.

raleigh speaker and audio installation

  • Wireless Speaker Installation
  • In-ceiling Speaker Installation
  • Wireless Controller Setup
  • Multi-room Music Setup and Installation
  • Intercom Systems
  • Network Music Player Systems
  • Multi-room Amps and Switches

Outdoor Music

Whether you like to grill on the back deck or entertain guests in the backyard, outdoor music is just what you need. Alpha Contracting is the leader in outdoor music installations, we understand the importance of mounting location and proper speaker positioning for a quality listening area. Improper mounting and wiring can lead to property damage or even a fire, let Alpha Contracting handle your outdoor music installation today!

outdoor speakers and wiring

  • Weather-Proof Speaker Mounting/installation
  • CL2/CL3 and Direct Burial Outdoor Wiring Installations
  • Outdoor Volume Control Installation

Surround Sound

Take your home theater, media room, or man cave to the next level with the unbelievable experience of surround sound. Alpha contracting not only offers the best surround sound equipment on the market, we also understand the most optimal speaker placement that fit your needs. Speaker choice and placement is very important, but the look and feel of your surround sound equipment is too! Alpha Contracting specializes in in-wall/in-ceiling speaker installations as well as wireless and in-wall wiring systems.

surround sound speaker

  • In-wall & In-ceiling Speaker Installations
  • In-wall Wiring and Wireless System Installations
  • Surround Sound Speaker Placement

Flatscreen TV installation

Mounting a flat-screen television can require some special wiring and a new electrical outlet to help conceal the wiring. For this tricky electrical work, Alpha Contracting is your one-stop solution. We are a team of licensed electrical contractors that specialize in electrical and electronic services such as flat-screen installations.

The cost to install a flat-screen (LED, LCD, or Plasma) TV can vary depending on certain factors; location, wall surface, type of wall mount bracket, and size of TV can add to the cost of installation. Installation time can also vary from one to several hours depending on the complexity of the wiring your television requires.

raleigh flatscreen tv installation

  • TV On Wall Installation
  • Dynamic Sound Systems
  • Sound Bar Installation
  • Universal Remotes Setup
  • In-wall TV Structured Cabling Installation
  • Behind Mirror Flat Panel Installation
  • Home Theaters

Home Theaters

Are you tired of standing in long lines for crowded expensive movies at the theater? Create an unforgettable movie viewing experience with Alpha Contacting’s home theater design ideas. Whether you like to watch movies, entertain guests or prefer intense gaming, home theaters will bring friends & family night to the next level. You will never have to leave home to experience the thrill of the watching movies or gaming on the big screen!

home theater system

  • Home Theater Installation
  • Home Theater Surge Protection
  • Theater Seating
  • Sound Proofing
  • Receiver Setup and Installation

Media Rooms

Do you have an spare bedroom or maybe an unused office, why not turn that empty space into a luxury media room equipped with all the latest technology. The term media room has evolved into a generic definition for a multipurpose space that is outfitted with a large flat-screen television, surround sound and cozy seating. Friends congregate there to watch the big game. Families go there to watch a movie together. It’s party central when guests visit.

media room furniture

  • Flat Panel & Projector Mounting/Installation
  • Receiver Setup and Installation
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Sound Proofing
  • In-wall Surround Sound Installation

Man Caves

Ever wonder wanted a man cave or wondered what a man cave even is? A Man Cave is a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man or women of the house to be used as his/her personal area for hobbies and leisure activities. In today’s day and age we find that men are not the only ones who want a man cave, women alike enjoy having a space to relax that they can call their own.

The most popular activities tend to be hanging out, watching TV, and drinking beer. Some others include playing cards and Poker, shooting pool and billiards, working on hobbies, displaying collectibles, exercising, working on cars, playing music, working in a home office and storing wine in a wine cellar. There are hundreds more that we could list here. No matter what activities you enjoy doing, Alpha contacting can help your man caves dreams become reality!

raleigh man caves

  • Dry/Wet Bar Installation
  • Dynamic Sound Systems
  • Billards
  • Cabinet and Shelving Installation
  • In-wall TV Structured Cabling Installation
  • Home Theaters
  • Pool table, Poker table
  • Neon/Decorative Signs (Old or New)
  • Fridge/Keg-o-rator

Structure Wiring

Alpha Contracting has every type of cable and structured wiring product you could need to make your devices connect. We offer a wide range of cables and wire for AV, networking and computers along with the cable and wire management solutions to run your cables the right way. That also means mounting and terminating things properly, and to do that we have all the connectors, inserts, wall plates and trim plates as well as the junction boxes and receptacles. You’ll also want to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done. For your new construction structured panel and networking needs we’ve got you covered.

  • Data Connectivity
  • Power Management
  • Pre-configured Wall Plates
  • Enclosures
  • Wired Networks
  • Voice and Video Distribution